Xuenan Ni

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MCP/MST student

Xuenan Ni comes from Jinan, China. She is a third-year graduate student in the Master of City Planning as well as the Master of Science in Transportation dual degree program. Xuenan obtained her bachelor degree in Growth and Structure of Cities as well as Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania. She developed her passion in transportation since experiencing the ever-expanding while crowded subway in Beijing, over priced while maintenance lacking regional rails in Philadelphia, heavily congested roads in Mexico City, ect.; she hopes to find answers to the efficient while equitable transportation development. Now her research interests include topics like transit-oriented development, behaviors in transportation, data-drive approach for larger pattern detecting. Her thesis is using an international survey to understand how people's characteristics are linked to mobility policy support, as a way to detangle public opinion on transportation issues. 

Research Projects: MIT Energy Initiative

Research Interests: Chinese Urbanization and Motorization