Environmental Attitudes and Travel Behavior of Youth

TitleEnvironmental Attitudes and Travel Behavior of Youth
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsCindy Tse
Academic DepartmentDept. of Civil Engineering
DegreeMaster of Applied Science
UniversityUniversity of British Columbia
Thesis TypeMASc

Environmental problems relating to transportation have increased in severity in many cities within Canada. Reduction in emissions generated from the transport sector will require far reaching technological advances as well as behavioral shifts by the population. This study is carried out with a focus on influencing youths to increase the use of sustainable transportation. Studying the attitudes of young people towards the environment is important given they will be the ones affected by environmental issues arising from our current actions and consequently will be the individuals who will ultimately have to come up with resolutions. In preparation to address future transportation issues, it is critical to conduct researches with a focus on children and young people as attitudes toward the environment begin to develop in childhood


Supervised by Jinhua Zhao