Driving AV Policy? A 300-City Survey of AV Policy Preparedness

TitleDriving AV Policy? A 300-City Survey of AV Policy Preparedness
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsYonah Freemark, Anne Halvorsen, Jinhua Zhao
KeywordsAutomated Mobility Policy Project

AVs could have significant consequences in terms of the level of vehicle travel on urban streets, the need for parking in neighborhoods, the ease of accessing employment, and the incidence of pollution. Addressing those issues is fundamental to achieving better planning, and cities could play an important role in orienting policies to ensure the best-possible outcomes. All around the world, cities hold the legal mechanisms to intervene in issues related to AVs, such as the design of streets, requirements related to taxi services, and fare policies. Many municipalities are, in fact, promoting the potential for testing AVs; political officials frequently argue that these tests are essential for reaffirming their respective cities’ status as technological innovation leaders. But research we have conducted demonstrates that policymaking at the local level is underdeveloped. Yet that is slowly changing. This 300-city survey is gathering feedback from officials across the United States to determine the capacity and willingness they, and their elected superiors, have to think about and act on regulating autnomous vehicles. Please stay tuned for updates!