Zhan Zhao

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PhD Candidate

Zhan graduated from MIT with a PhD in Transportation at 2018. During his time at MIT, he was as a research assistant at Transit Lab and Urban Mobility Lab. Currently, he is a data scientist at Via, a transportation network company providing on-demand ridesharing services, where he works on developing data-driven methods and tools to improve user experience and system efficiency. His general research interests include spatiotemporal data mining, human mobility, behavior modeling, and shared mobility on demand systems. In particular, he is interested in bringing together the fields of urban computing and behavior science for applications in the design, operations, and management of urban mobility systems. Over the years, he worked at, and collaborated with, many research institutes and government agencies around the world, including SMART (Singapore), IBM Research (Ireland), Transport for London (UK), TransLink (Canada), and Energy Foundation (China).

Personal website: https://zhanzhaowf.github.io/

Research Projects: Transport for London-MIT Partnership, SMART, MIT Energy Initiative 

Research Interests: Emotional Travel, Mobility Sensing and Prediction