Yunhan Zheng

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PhD Student

I am currently a postdoc associate at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART). I earned my Ph.D. in Transportation from MIT in 2024 and completed dual Master’s degrees in City Planning and Transportation at MIT in 2021. Prior to my time at MIT, I obtained dual Bachelor’s degrees in Urban Management and Economics from Peking University.

My research area is the intersection of Causal InferenceUrban Computing, and Travel Decisions:

  • Causal Inference, Transportation Economics and Policy: Leveraging advanced causal inference methods for the assessment of emerging transportation tools like congestion pricing, EV charging infrastructure, and teleworking on mobility, environment, economy, and social equity.

  • Urban Computing and Machine Learning: Developing machine learning algorithms to predict and nudge travel behaviors; developing bias-mitigation methods to enhance fairness and equity in machine learning algorithms.

  • Travel Decisions and Urban Network: Combining statistical modeling, deep learning computation, and network theory for the modeling and analysis of individual travel decisions and urban networks.

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