Yonah Freemark

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PhD Candidate

Yonah Freemark is a PhD candidate in urban studies at MIT. He is originally from North Carolina, attended Yale University as an undergraduate, and holds masters in city planning and transportation from MIT. His work focuses on the intersection between urban history, politics, mobility, and development.

More information can be found on his work at yonahfreemark.com. As a member of MIT's Urban Mobility Lab, Yonah has focused on the local response to the rollout of autonomous vehicles. He has also published articles in Journal of the American Planning AssociationUrban Affairs ReviewHousing Policy DebateInternational Journal of Housing Policy, Journal of Urban History, and Projections, as well as several peer-reviewed book chapters. His dissertation, which he will complete in the spring of 2020, examines the multi-jurisdictional politics of new infrastructure in France and the United States.

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Research Projects: The AMP ProjectMIT Institute of Data, System, and Society

Research Interests: Transport Policy, Automated Vehicle Policy