Paul Kishimoto

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PhD Candidate

I am a PhD candidate at MIT in the Engineering Systems program of the Institute for Data, Systems and Society1 and a research assistant in the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. I work with Valerie KarplusJinhua ZhaoJohn Reilly, and others.

I study mobility in China, including both passenger and freight transport but with a particular focus on the rapid growth of private vehicle ownership; its impacts on energy demand, GHG emissions, and local air pollutants; and related policies. This research continues work done for my M.S. in Technology & Policy (TPP) on the interaction of climate policy and passenger travel activity.

I am also interested in data, methods and models that can be used to understand uncertain trends, emerging technologies, and new policies in transport. These assessments inform decisions in pursuit of climate, environmental and economic goals. In particular, I believe the experience of China and other emerging economies will be informative as we transition to transport systems that are consistent with global sustainability.

Research Interests: Chinese Urbanization and Motorization