Joanna Moody

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Ph.D. Candidate

Joanna is a Ph.D. Candidate in Transportation and research manager of two JTL projects within the MIT Energy Initiative Mobility of the Future consortium. Joanna's research explores how implicit or subconscious biases and preferences can influence travel behavior and impact transportation planning and operations. In particular, Joanna seeks to measure 'car pride' -- how people attribute their social status and personal image to their vehicle -- and how this impacts car ownership and usage trends in cities around the world. This research has been supported in part by the Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship (2017).

Joanna completed her Masters of Science in Transportation degree at MIT in 2016 as a member of the Regional Transportation and High Speed Rail Group. There she served as the senior graduate researcher on a three-year collaborative research project with East Japan Railway, focused on understanding high-speed rail projects as complex socio-technical systems, with a particular interest in how the technology and infrastructure interface with governing and managing institutions and users. Her masters thesis, entitled "Development of a Predictive Coalition Building Analysis for Stakeholders of Sociotechnical Systems" was awareded the Council for University Transportation Centers (CUTC) Charley V. Wootan Memorial Award for outstanding Masters Thesis in Planning and Policy (2016). While at MIT, she has received a USDOT University Transportation Center Fellowship (2014) and Eisenhower Graduate Fellowships (2015, 2016) from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Joanna holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics, Physics, and Japanese from Bates College.

Research Projects: MIT Energy Initiative

Research Interests: Emotional Travel, Chinese Urbanization and Motorization, Transport Policy