Seminar Archive

Spring 2017

Feb 10: AV Projects: SMART and TfL

Yu Shen: SMART Autonomous Vehicle Projects Overview

Jian and Leo: TfL Internship Summary and Plan Forward

Feb 17: Mixed Traffic & Experiment Design

Nate Bailey: Mixed Automated and Non-automated Traffic in Urban Settings

Experiment/Field Survey Design

Jeff Rosenblum: RCC Implementation Design Proposal

Adam Rosenfield: Reducing Parking at MIT: Design of an RCT Experiment

Feb 24: Regularity, Prediction, and Risk

Zhan Zhao: (Lead Author Gabriel Goulet): Regularity in the Travel Patterns of Public Transport Users

Peyman Noursalehi: Real-time Crowding Prediction

Shenhao: Risk Bias in Guangzhou’s License Lottery and Auction

Mar 3: Shared Mobility and Value of Information

Hongmou: Mobility Sharing with Time Flexibility: Proposal

Elena & Adam: Tiered Information to Nudge Car Pooling: Proposal

Shan: Information and Social Responsibility: SP Design

Mar 17: MITEI- Mobility of the Future, Progress Report

Shenhao, Jungwoo, Xuenan: China Mobility Policy

Joanna, Jintai, Chaewon: Mobility Culture Comparison

Mar 24: Regulating AV, MaaS and Policy Report

Yonah: Urban Agenda for AV Deployment: Paper Critique

Menghan: JPER Revision Report: Policy Knowledge and Attitude

Apaar: CTA Mobility as a Service: Potential and Taboos

March 31: Prediction, Employment Access, and Non-Interaction

Zhan: Dissertation Design: Individual Mobility Prediction in Urban Transportation Systems

Anson: Constrained Employment Access

Gabriel Sanchez: Guest Speaker: Estimating Fare Non-interaction and Evasion Using Smart Card Data

Apr 6: JTL Special Session with Prof. Susan Handy

Part I: 3:00-4:20 Students~Prof. Handy Idea Exchange

Part II: 4:30-5:30 Prof. Handy: Commute Time Quality: Exploring the role of mode and other factors using the UC Davis Campus Travel Survey

Apr 14: Pricing, Regulation and Design

Han QIU: Dynamic Pricing in Shared Mobility on Demand Service and its Social Impacts 15 mins

Scott: Regulating TNCs / Social Prejudice in Ride Sharing: Initial Idea 15 mins

Daya: Rethinking street infrastructure: The dynamics between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles: Initial Idea 15 mins

Apr 28: Social Interaction in Ride Sharing and AV Preference

Hongmou: The role of social interaction in ridesharing choices (15mins)

Elena: The Social Dimension of Home-work Carpooling (15mins)

Nate (with Yu Shen): Commuter Behavior and Preferences for Future AV Systems: A Proposal (15mins)

May 5: Dissertation Design

Joanna: Dissertation Design: Implicit vs. Explicit Modal Attitudes: A Multi-City Comparison of ‘Car Pride’ and its Impacts on Car Ownership and Usage

Shenhao: Dissertation Design: Behavioral Economics and Transportation Policies

Menghan: Master Thesis: Measuring Travel Equity and Representativeness: Opportunities and Challenges of Using Smartphone-based Travel Survey in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

May 12

Jeff Rosenblum: Subsidies for low-income transit riders: Initial results

Adam Rosenfield: Experimenting at MIT to Reduce Parking: Initial results

Xudong Sun: Household Lifestyles in Contemporary China: Consumption, Values, and Quality of Life

May 19: London Autonomous Vehicles and China Social Responsibility

Jian & Leo: TfL Autonomous Vehicles Project Update

Shan: STL Project Update

May 26: 2017 Summer Plan


Public Transit Link

Advanced Mobility Management, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), 2016-2020

As part of the Future Urban Mobility (FM) IRG of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), the team led by Prof. Zhao combine behavioral science and transportation technology to envision a future urban mobility system for Singapore that integrates public transit, walking and bicycling, shared mobility and autonomous vehicles.  Read More