Nick Allen

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MCP Student

Nick is a graduate student in city planning. His research has two principal themes: 1) the friction between administrative control and subject behavior in transport and spatial planning, especially accepted forms of rule disobedience; and 2) how governance regimes change under conditions of urban agglomeration and mega-regionalization. He is interested in behaviors and motives illegible to policymakers, the trouble of mobility in territorial governance, and everyday planning and environmental adaptation.

After graduating with a B.A. from Yale in 2013, Nick worked in the Urbanization & Global Change Group, where he researched the effects of hard infrastructure investment on urban land expansion and urban-agrarian conflicts in Northern India. Most recently, Nick was a fellow with IHP "Cities in the 21st Century," a semester-long comparative program introducing undergraduates to ground-level perspectives on urbanization and planning in São Paulo, Cape Town, and Hanoi. 

Research Projects: Mega-Regionalization