Jeffrey Rosenblum

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PhD Candidate

Prior to starting the PhD program in DUSP in Fall 2014, Jeff was a transportation planner and engineer for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, having previously co-founded the Boston-based advocacy non-profit LivableStreets Alliance. For Cambridge, he managed major street redesign projects (including the recently-completed Western Avenue project which includes a “cycle track”), transit planning, and regional transportation coordination. He served on Boston's Complete Streets Advisory Committee, MassDOT’s Transportation Advisory Committee, and participates in the Bicycle Technical Subcommittee of the National Committee on MUTCD. Jeff co-teaches a Northeastern University 5-week summer course on sustainable transportation in Delft, Netherlands. Jeff's previous work experience includes working on business and sustainability initiatives at Tellus Institute. He has worked on various international development projects for Cadmus Group/USAIDUrban Institute Center on International Development and Governance, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, and TechnoServe working in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen), southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa), and Central Asia (Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan). He has a Masters in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University working in the Green Design Institute with a focus on environmental input-output analysis, and holds a PE license from Maine. He bicycles both his 3 and 5-year-old children to school on an Xtra-cycle.

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Research Interests: Transport Policy, Nudging Sustainable Travel