Anson Stewart

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Deputy Director; Research Scientist

Anson Stewart is the Deputy Director of the MIT JTL Urban Mobility/Transit Lab, where he manages research collaborations with public transport authorities in major US cities. His research focuses on three aspects of integrated urban access: how multimodal transport systems can enable access reliably and sustainably; computational tools to help stakeholders understand and measure access; and connections between access, equity, and mobility justice. He received his PhD in 2017 from the Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Transportation at MIT, completing dissertation research sponsored by Transport for London. Prior to completing his PhD, Anson earned master’s degrees in transportation and city planning at MIT, and a BA (urban studies) and a BS (engineering) at Swarthmore College. Anson has worked with public transport authorities in Los Angeles, London, and Santiago de Chile and has participated in urban design workshops in Colombia and China, among other places. Since 2017, he has also served as Analysis and Research Lead at a small software firm that provides a cloud-hosted access analysis platform used by urban transport planners around the world. As a 2010-2011 Thomas J. Watson Fellow, he spent a year in Latin America and Africa studying emerging bus rapid transit systems and their impacts on informal operators and the environment.